Afternoon activities 2023/24

Every day we organize interesting additional activities that will allow children to spend their free time pleasantly and creatively. We inspire, we arouse curiosity about the world, we develop passions, because we have passions ourselves! Classes are available as part of your tuition fee.

Board and card games for grades I-III

Board and card games are one of the oldest forms of entertainment for both children and adults. They are a source of good fun and allow you to spend time with friends. It's a great way to rest and relax after a day of studying. Thanks to these games, we will train our brains, learn healthy competition and cooperation skills. I invite!

Hosted by: Paulina Szelerska

Zuchy for grades I-III

What are cub stars? Why do cubs say Feel? How to get the Cub Scout Badge? How to encrypt a message with a chocolate cipher? What does the command Cover, align mean? Every ZUCH will know all these secrets. Weekly meetings are a time for fun and challenges. We will learn, among other things, drill, wordless check-ins, guitar songs and making a spark in a circle. We will acquire cunning skills that we will sew on the sleeve of our uniform. The efficiency of a Fireman, Policeman, Smurf, Knight, Cook are just a few of them. Welcome to our ranks!

Hosted by: phm. Filip Skorek

Naturalist club for grades I-III

Every child has a natural need to discover nature, the care of which is the main task of these activities. We will ask questions and look for answers in nature, in experiments and books. Independently seeking knowledge teaches creativity, independence, and supports a sense of agency. We expand knowledge, fight the "nature deficit syndrome" and have fun!

Hosted by: Agnieszka Suszczyńska

Music and rhythm classes for grades I-III

Musical and rhythmic classes allow children to develop motor coordination through physical exercises combined with sound stimuli. The classes influence children's musical abilities and their physical and mental fitness. They improve visual and auditory memory, prepare for public performances, and teach cooperation and compliance with rules.

Hosted by: Paulina Szelerska

Action Inspiration for grades I-III

These classes are a great opportunity for younger students to discover their creativity and develop their imagination. During these classes, we promote cooperation and the joy of creating, which will allow children to develop skills that will serve them throughout their lives. We will strive to create an inspiring environment in which children have the opportunity to experiment with different materials, thus shaping their creativity.

Hosted by: Aneta Nowak

Sensors for grades I - III

Art and sensory classes are important for children, both for the development of their imagination and for building sensory integration. They provide a natural opportunity for fun and exercises that engage the senses and have a positive effect on emotions. They also improve eye-hand coordination, speech development, and support the locomotor system. During classes, we paint to the rhythm of music, make scented jars, create sensory masses, make plasticine, color marshmallows, make collages from waste paper, crush ice and perform various art works.

Hosted by: Anna Kapczuk

Magic pencil for grades I-III

By creating, you can gradually discover yourself. Art has great power to communicate! For children who are as creative as Leonardo da Vinci and are taking their first steps in the field of fine arts, I offer "The Magic Pencil" classes, during which they will have the opportunity to explore various fields of art. We will learn various art and craft techniques. Through play, we will develop manual skills, stimulate imagination, and shape our sense of aesthetics.

Hosted by: Wioletta Prusinowska

Books Club for grades I-III

It is a place where younger children can find pleasure in reading, discover new worlds in books and at the same time develop the ability to relax. Our classes promote mind development and peace of mind, which is extremely important in today's busy world. We want children to discover that reading is not only learning, but also a source of joy and inspiration.

Hosted by: Anna Markowska

Ballet classes for grades I-III and IV-VI

Classical dance lessons wonderfully shape the body, giving strength and flexibility to the muscles. Thanks to them, students acquire coordination, develop motor memory, precision, perfection,
and a sense of rhythm. They will learn ballet and theater terminology. Using the school stage, they have the opportunity to present their acquired skills in solo and group choreographies.
They also have the opportunity to present their own dance improvisations. We invite you to ballet classes, which, in addition to learning complex poses, provide theater fun.

Hosted by: Anna Mrozowska

Football for grades I-III and IV-VI

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world. During the classes, we will learn its basic elements, such as how to properly kick the ball, passing, dribbling, football tricks and many others. During exercises, we also learn the rules of the game. Football develops our motor coordination, physical fitness, endurance, motor memory and reflexes.
Hosted by: Kamil Janiszek

Olympic mathematics

classes are held once a week. During it, older students have the opportunity to solve mathematical tasks and puzzles that go beyond the curriculum in primary schools. The classes are intended for students planning to prepare to take part in the curator's mathematics competition or the Junior Mathematical Olympiad.

Hosted by: Leszek Ossowski

Open Art for grades IV-VII

We invite you to creative workshops, which will be an opportunity to experience unusual adventures and exciting fun, without competition. We are supposed to have fun and discover the pleasure of creating. General development classes combine many areas: the world of literature, culture, history and art. Through contact with sound/music, literature, playing with words and art, children will develop imagination and creativity. They learn to be comfortable in a group, creative expression and integration of body and emotions. Creative meetings integrate, help overcome shyness and teach people to express their own thoughts, act and think collectively.

Hosted by: Wioletta Prusinowska

Explorers Club for grades IV-VII

Who are the explorers? These are people who search for mysterious lands, reach into space and into the interior of the Earth, discover the laws of nature and make amazing inventions. If you feel that you are such a person or you just want to join such people, this club is for you! We will travel virtually and deeply explore the amazing world around us. And we will be very surprised at what we will encounter on our path of discovery!

Hosted by: Łukasz Mędrzycki

Naturalist's Club for grades IV-VII

These are classes in which we cultivate the natural need to explore the world and nature. We pour, add, examine, experiment, dig in the ground, talk.
We ask questions, look for answers and have fun at the same time. Children here are not executors of a plan, but creators of reality.

Hosted by: Agnieszka Suszczyńska

Philosopher for grades IV-VII

Inquiries develop, above all, reflexivity, i.e. creative and critical thinking. This happens by appreciating children's questions and looking for a deeper answer together.

This requires participants to be open, listen carefully and take into account the opinions of others when coming up with a logical argument. Difference of opinion is valuable, but in the end it is not about the victory of someone's point of view, but a better understanding of the problem chosen by the group.
The assumption of the Philosophical Investigations program is to appreciate children's thinking, expressed by the teacher's non-interference in its content. This allows you to independently use (improve) thinking tools in building an integrated image of the world based on actively used knowledge.
The material fruit of the entire year of classes is the newspaper FILOZOFIK, published in cooperation with other schools.
Hosted by: Anna Szymaszczyk

Scout Team for grades IV-VII

If you like being outdoors, want to contribute to the local community, and at the same time love trips - this is the place for you!

During Scout meetings, we acquire skills that are useful in life, we learn how to move around in the field, how to provide first aid, we also take action to help others, and at the same time we gain skills that will stay with us for life. We try to play outdoors as much as possible. Let yourself be enchanted by the glow of the fire and stargazing under the tent. Or maybe it is here that you will meet someone who will be your friend for life. Scout friendships are very lasting. I know this from my own experience. I cordially invite everyone interested.

Hosted by: phm. Ligia Pawlak-Basińska

Theater improvisation classes for grades IV-VIII

Theater improvisation classes are primarily about playing with the imagination.
Improvised scenes:
✔ teach team cooperation,
✔ develop creativity,
✔ they teach flexibility and freedom to find oneself in different situations,
✔ they teach quick decision-making,
✔ help you easily establish contacts,
✔ they teach boldness and openness,
✔ they teach focus and attentiveness to other people.

Improvised theater is a unique opportunity to express your child's need to create and learn your own emotions that can be expressed on stage.
Each performance is unique, each child can find their place in it, and when you are on stage you are both an actor and a director!
The classes will consist of games that develop creativity and imagination, as well as preparation for performing improvised scenes.

Hosted by: Katarzyna Zemła

History Hunters for grades IV-VIII

Improvised theater is a unique opportunity to express your child's need to create and learn your own emotions that can be expressed on stage.
Each performance is unique, each child can find their place in it, and when you are on stage you are both an actor and a director!
The classes will consist of games that develop creativity and imagination, as well as preparation for performing improvised scenes.

Hosted by: Daniel Siemiński 

Biologists Club for grades IV-VII

If you feel dissatisfied after biology lessons, plan to take part in nature competitions and want to develop your passion for natural science, I invite you to extended biology classes. We will look at the world through a microscopic magnification, look for solutions to natural problems, observe nature and address socially important nature topics through, among others, reading popular science press.

Hosted by: Agnieszka Suszczyńska

Vocal-instrumental ensemble for grades IV-VII

We invite students from grades 4-8 who want to sing and/or make music together - that is, play musical instruments. If you can play an instrument, this will be a great opportunity for you to develop your skills and have fun with music, if you can't, we will teach you (if you promise to practice at home). And everyone can sing! We plan to participate in the artistic setting of school celebrations, take part in competitions and enjoy music also in the form of music therapy exercises.
Hosted by: Izabela Pilarczyk and Krzysztof Marciniak

Physical activities for grades IV-VII

During the classes, we will learn a wide range of recreational and sports games and activities (including field games, using elements of team games and other disciplines, using various accessories), which will put us in a joyful mood and well-being, develop our physical and mental fitness, and develop positive character traits, in particular the ability to compete and cooperate as a team.
Hosted by: Robert Graczyk

Chess for grades IV-VIII

Our students have the opportunity to develop strategic thinking, spatial imagination, and learn the secrets of the "royal game". Chess not only develops broadly understood mathematical skills, but also teaches concentration, responsibility for decisions made, respect for the opponent, principles of savoir vivre, and the very important ability to accept defeats.

Hosted by: Leszek Ossowski

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