Dorota Ossowska

Early childhood education and German teacher

She graduated in German philology at the University of Warsaw and preschool and early school pedagogy with elements of pedagogical therapy at the Higher School of the Family Alliance. She has many years of experience in working with children at the educational stage 0-3, in older grades, middle school and high school, which she gained, among others, at the Raszyńska Community Junior High School No. 20 in Warsaw, at the Complex of General Music Schools. Grażyna Bacewicz in Warsaw and at the Sopot Autonomous School. In her professional work, she is a supporter of methods based on observation and practical action, discovering the world through the senses and experiences. She is a constantly searching teacher, which is why she completed the improvement course "Maria Montessori's Pedagogy in the field of childhood education". Her passion is foreign languages, handicrafts and cooking.

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